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personal ministry & healing prayer


At Bay Area Community Church, we honor the fact that God refers to himself in the Bible as "The Lord who heals you." Everywhere Jesus went, he was moved with compassion to heal the emotional, physical and spiritual weaknesses of humanity. If he cared for people's needs then, he cares for them now. Jesus is a healer and mender by nature. It's simply who he is, and the Bible says he never changes!

That's why Jesus instructed those who believe in him to regularly pray for hurting people to be restored and healed. Doing so should be as natural to Christians as worship or reading the Bible . . . because God made us and cares about every detail of our lives, including our emotional, spiritual and physical wholeness.

That's great news that encourages us to humbly ask God to touch and heal those who desperately need it. Every week, our trained prayer teams gently and compassionately minister to those who come for prayer in a very natural, non-hyped manner. Whatever your need, we would be honored to pray for you in a safe, non-threatening environment. No pressure, no manipulation . . . just humble, believing prayer to a powerful God!

We offer regular opportunities to receive prayer after most of our Sunday morning services. Appointments can also be made by emailing us or by calling the church office at 281-554-4200.