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growth track

God has an incredible purpose for your life, and the Citymark Growth Track is designed to help you connect with that purpose. On the Growth Track, you will spend four Sundays diving into what it looks like to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your purpose and then make a mark with your life.

The Growth Track happens every month in four consecutive Sundays, starting with Step One on the first Sunday of the month. We invite you to jump in at any time.




We all need resources to help us grow. This class will help you explore the essential tools that produce a more meaningful and deeper relationship with Christ.
Step One takes place the first Sunday of every month.

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In this class you’ll become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of Citymark Church. You will learn more about our leadership, where we’re headed, and how you can become a vital church member.
Step Two takes place the second Sunday of every month.

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This class will help you discover how God uniquely created you. Through understanding your personality and spiritual gifts, you will be prepared to serve others in the way God designed.
Step Three takes place the third Sunday of every month.

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This class is your opportunity to get connected to a ministry team at Citymark Church. Based on your personality and spiritual gifts that you discovered in Step Three, you will be able to attend an orientation to the Dream Team that best fits your design.
Step Four takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.

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